Softeners - Softener 10A

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Unique features

  • Elegant designed, cabinet type water softener
  • Fully automatic microprocessor-controlling operation
  • Easy to Install and ready to use
  • Display - Current Gme, remaining soft water & current flow
  • Inbuilt brine tank, brine valve and float assembly
  • Can be use for bathroom, washing machine and dish washer

Specification Details
Max. Flow Rate 1000 LPH
OBSA (Basis On 200ppm) 10500 Ltr
OBR (Basis On 200ppm) 1500 Ltr
Resin Tank Volume 10 Ltr
Resin 6 Ltr
Salt Tank 12 Ltr
Salt Required for Regeneration 1 kg
Salt Qty. / OBSA 6 kg
Working Pressure 0.15 - 0.6 MPA
Dimensions in mm L240 X W410 X H665
Inlet/Outlet Size 3/4"

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