Water is life.

Clean water is health

NAV, a design lead company was setup by Dr. Jay Patel to meet the growing needs for healthy water. An ex-IBMer Ajay Singhal joined him shortly after to take the company and products to uncharted heights. Company has it's state of the art Manufacturing unit located in Vadodara which is operated under the strict guideline of ISO 9001:2008 standards. NAV prides itself on turning in projects on-time and within budget. The company have full confidence that whoever you speak to you will hear nothing but ringing endorsements.

NAV believe that access to healthy water is everyone's right. The company take upmost pride in providing trustworthy and innovative solutions to enhance quality of life. NAV have highly qualified individuals who dedicatedly work for customer satisfaction and happiness. Drinking healthy pure water helps add life to years. NAV have dedicated research team working day in and out for making water healthier and cost effective at the same time. Company's research team includes of individuals with various set of expertise in different domains.

Spreading smiles is NAV's motivation. Providing purified drinking water to underprivileged school children helps bring back those lost smiles and keep them away from water borne diseases. The company go out of its way to provide solutions that are not only cost effective initially but also throughout its lifespan. For NAV, the profit lies in the smiles. Thru its partnership with corporates and various NGOs, the company have so far installed many water purification and cooling systems in various primary schools. And we won't stop until every child has a safe and healthy source of drinking water.

Company's main motto is to make the Nation free from waterborne diseases through purified safe drinking water. For such purpose its field agencies are continuously involved in collection of data so that it can know the root of the water problems and it can provide the best solution for any problem related to water.

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